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Explore various types of resources including interviews, news and journal articles, and blog posts related to facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence developed by Right2YourFace Coalition members.

Risks Caused by FRT

Physiognomic Artificial Intelligence

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal, XXXII (4); Luke Stark & Jevan Hutson (2022)

Facial Recognition is the Plutonium of AI

ACM CRDS 25, no. 3, Luke Stark (2019)

Facial Recognition, Emotion and Race in Animated Social Media

Frist Monday 23, no. 9, Luke Stark (2018)

FRT in Canada

Facial Recognition Technology Explained: How is FRT Used in Canada

Canadian Civil Liberties Association; Brenda McPhail & Alessandra Puopolo (2022)

Interim Report: Facial Recognition Technology in Canada

Canadian Civil Liberties Association; Laksmiina Balasubramaniam, Charlie Cooper-Simpson, Jordan Morello & Pamela Pietrusiak (2021)

FRT and Regulatory Issues in Canada

To guarantee our rights, Canada’s privacy legislation must protect our biometric data

University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society, Commentary; Daniel Konikoff (24 October 2023)

Safety in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Governance in Canada

The Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 101 No. 1: Emerging Issues in Technology Law and Intellectual Property; Kristen Thomasen (2023)

Facial Recognition Technology in Canada: A Brief Overview of Harms and Potential Benefits

Submission to the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics; Christelle Tessono (2022)

AI Oversight, Accountability and Protecting Human Rights: Comments on Canada’s Proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act

Cybersecure Policy Exchange; Christelle Tessono, Yuan Kai-Stevens, Momin M. Malik, Sonja Solomun, Supriya Dwivedi & Sam Andrey (2022)

ETHI Report on Facial Recognition Technology Released

Canadian Civil Liberties Association; Brenda McPhail (2022)

Facing the Realities of Facial Recognition Technology: Recommendations for Canada’s Privacy Act

Cybersecure Policy Exchange; Yuan Kai-Stevens & Sonja Solomun (2021)

FRT in a Global Context: Immigration and Borders

Racist algorithms and AI can’t determine EU migration policy

EU Observer, Alyna Smith, Caterina Rodelli, Sarah Chander, & Petra Molnar (2023)

Artificial Borders? The Digital and Extraterritorial Protection of ‘Fortress Europe’

Center for Human Rights and Global Justice: NYU School of Law (2021)

A/HRC/48/76: Racial and Xenophobic discrimination and the use of digital technologies in border and immigration enforcement

Report of the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (2021)